Republike Austrije 3

40000 Čakovec

Phone: +385 (0)40 321 127
Fax: + 385 (0) 23 681 032
Registered office: Čakovec, Republike Austrije 3, CRO
Companies register: Varaždin, 070136156
VAT ID No.: HR32728164082

Managing directors

Tadej Muhič

Tomislav Tot




Rafael Javornik – OEM Customers
Rok Primc - TIER 1&2 Customers





LTH Alucast as a completely new plant was founded in 2017 in order to expand casting and machining capacities inside LTH Castings Group. 


This new production facility is fully integrated in our European network under our corporate management.


LTH Castings standard equipment and state-of-the-art manufacturing concepts assure cost-efficiency and competitiveness




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