LTH Metal Cast d.o.o.


Benkovačke bojne 21

23420 Benkovac

Phone: + 385 (0) 23 684 810
Fax: + 385 (0) 23 681 032
Registered office: Benkovac, Benkovačke bojne 21
Companies register: Zadar,0802635257
VAT ID No.: 90584148841

Managing directors

Iztok Plantarič

Tomislav Živković




Rafael Javornik – OEM Customers
Rok Primc – TIER 1&2 Customers



LTH Metal Cast in Croatia was founded in 1980 and joined the LTH Castings Group in 1999. After resuming the production in the early 90s, the company focus was predominantly raw part production. Today, using the advantages of a traditional industrial environment and the Group’s synergies LTH Metal Cast offers a wide range of machining and is the most “lean” site within the LTH Castings Group.


Using fully automated casting machines, machining centres and dedicated machines the facility typically manufactures aluminium powertrain and electronic system components as well as water and vacuum pump housings for the automotive industry. Using lean structures, the site is particularly cost efficient with high volume production.




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